Safer Stays

23 June 2020

For added reassurance, we have adopted the following measures

Cleaners are provided with masks and hand sanitizers encouraged to use them to protect themselves and our guests.

Anti-viral spray/fogger used to sanitise all surfaces and heavy-use items.

Non-essential items which are difficult to clean have been temporarily removed from the boats and cottages.

Anti-bacterial hand sanitiser or liquid soap are supplied with our boats and holiday homes.

Our cleaners are asked to follow the Government’s “COVID Secure” guidelines.

Reduced contact. We ask you to help us maintain social distancing by choosing 1 person from your party. They can deal with us in the office, collect life jackets and complete the boat handover tutorials.

The staff providing boat handover tutorials will be provided with appropriate PPE equipment inc masks and will carry disinfectant spray to ensure that any surface they touch with their hands is cleaned

Hand Sanitisers have been provided at key points across the yard.

Government guidance and legislation on COVID 19 changes frequently. Before you travel, you need to ensure you have checked and understood the relevant legislation and guidance that is applicable to you and the make up of your party.

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