What happens when I arrive?

Once you have arrived at the boat yard, find yourself a temporary parking space outside reception. You will be met by a member of our team who will show you to your boat or holiday house. If the boat or property is all ready then you can start to make yourselves comfortable before coming back to reception with all your paper work. Once checked through, we will come and show the captain and their crew how to work everything. This can be customised to suit your individual requirements. 

Can we pick up the craft earlier?

We endeavour to have the craft ready for the stated takeover time, however, on some occasions, the craft may be ready earlier. Where this is the case, we are happy to allow you to take the craft. However, this can never be guaranteed and we would ask for your patience and understanding when the stated times are delayed for operational reasons.

If i need to arrive after 5pm what do i do?

If you can not arrive before 5pm or the traffic is bad and causing a delay. We can make the necessary provisions to ensure you can still climb aboard your boat on your arrival. Please ring us to advise us that you plan to be late, we will moor the boat as near to the office for your convenience , leave the boat unlocked and show you everything in the morning for a speedy departure. We do ask that you don't leave the boat yard that evening. We like to show all our visitors how to work everything before they depart. 

Does the boat have to be returned to the boatyard?

Yes by 9am on the day of departure, in a clean and tidy condition.

Can the boat be returned later than 9am?

No. During our holiday season, we need the boat to be returned on time to enable us to get it ready for the next customers. Outside of peak season, we maybe able to make the return time later, but only after checking with reception.

What do we need to bring?

1.What clothes do we need to pack?

The most essential item is flat, rubber soled shoes. Heels and smart leather soled shoes are not compatible with the decks or the river banks! clothes should provide good mobility for getting on and off your boat. Other than that, pack for a standard British holiday with traditional unpredictable weather. You may also like to bring something smart for an evening out in Norwich or one of the other towns by the river. Although the boats have wardrobes and draws, storage space is limited on most boats. Please try not to bring too much with you. 

2. Where can i leave my car?

We have various car-parks on site here at the boat yard, the majority is outside parking although we do have limited secure undercover parking for this we do advise that you book this in advance. Like all boat yards there is a small charge for parking, this can be paid for when booking your holiday or if you would prefer you can do it on the day of your departure. Once you arrive we will show you to your boat or property, then once you have checked in we will take your keys and park your car/s for you and then get them out on your return for you. Please advise use if you intend to return earlier or have any special requirements. 

3. Do we need to bring provisions with us?

yes you do need to bring provisions and its often easier to arrive earlier at the boatyard and walk into the village where you will find Roy's department store, offering all you will need for your holiday. 

Generally, all of our boats and houses are fitted with all home comforts, so if you have any further questions please contact a member of our team on: 01603 782625 

How far can we get?

Horning is the next village downstream of Wroxham and it can be reached in about one hour direct. However, if you stop at Wroxham Broad, Salhouse Broad and Black Horse Broad on the way, it can take two days. Please refer to the Maps & Guides section for further details on routes.

Are the Broads tidal?

Yes. There is a rise and fall throughout the broads. The tide and current gets stronger on the southern rivers. Particular care must be taken at Great Yarmouth.

Are there any locks?

No, there are no locks so you can enjoy the hidden delights at your own pace, hassle free. 

Passage under bridges. 

Wroxham, Potter Heigham and Beccles all have low bridges through which some boats will not pass at any time (bridge restrictions apply) Water and tidal conditions may alter the clearance of bridges, but check with the height marker near the bridge and then check the height of the boat to see what clearance you have. If there is any doubt please do not hesitate to call a member of our friendly reception team. 01603 782625. 

What is there to do?

Relax and enjoy the slow pace of four mph, riverside fishing, lovely nature reserves, bird watching, bbq's, pubs and picnics.

How much can we see in a week?

It is quite possible to see all of the navigable parts of the Broads in a week. A Broads holiday is not really about going everywhere though. Broadland has a slower pace of life, after a few days on the water I'm sure that you will agree that you want mind going where the river takes you. 

Are children allowed to drive the boat?

Children over the age of 14 are allowed to drive whilst under the constant supervision of an adult. There are no age restriction, we thick that a Broads boating holiday is great for people of any age, we do recommend that at least half of your party have good mobility for moving about on the deck and mooring. 

Can I bring my dog?

All of our boats will accommodate you and your pet comfortably so a relaxing holiday for all the family including the dog is possible with us. We do ask that you bring your best friend a bed and even their special blanket just to keep the upholstery nice for the next customers.  Please see the optional extras for pet charges. 

Are dog life jackets supplied?

Dog life jackets are supplied by the boat yard. Subject to availability, unfortunately these can not be pre-booked and are subject to a £10 refundable deposit provided the jacket is returned clean and undamaged. 

What is the safety record for the Broads?

The Norfolk Broads are generally regarded as one of the safest waterways in Europe with over 125 miles of lock free rivers.

Can we bring electrical equipment?

Generally, no. Unless your chosen craft has a 240v inverter as stated in the brochure. Please check with the boat yard before your arrival (Maximum 1500W). You can bring your own hair dryer, although we do provide them on board each boat. 

Will we be able to charge our phones? 

All of the boat are fitted a 12volt socket. Its a good idea to bring your car charger along. If the boat has a generator or invertor then you can bring your normal charger. 

Are there plugs on the boat?

Generally, no. Unless the craft is fitted with a 240V inverter as stated in the brochure (Maximum 1500W). All craft are fitted with a 12V lighter socket.

Can frozen food be stored?

All fridges will have a small icebox, but these are not designed to store frozen food for any great amount of time.

How easy is it to drive the boat and do we get tuition?

Because of the low speed you have time to react unlike motoring. Full tuition is given and we are happy to repeat tuition to your satisfaction.We have alot of visitors who have never driven a boat before or with limited experience and although the rule of thumb is that if you can drive a car then you should be fine. You will receive full instruction on the safe operation of the boat before you embark on your holiday. We do not let you leave the boatyard until you are completely happy. 

Can we moor anywhere?

You are welcome to sensibly moor anywhere unless signs state "No Moorings". There are free moorings, however there are many chargeable moorings especially where services are available.

Are maps supplied?

Maps are available free of charge when you check in. Additional maps are available at £6 each.

Are mallets supplied?


How much water is in the tank?

You will leave the boatyard with a full tank, however you are always recommended to top up the tank on a daily basis.

Can we drink the water on board?

Yes, but there are additional water filter taps on board.

How long will the diesel last?

You will leave the boatyard with a full tank of fuel. With normal cruising, this should normally last in excess of a week. Please be aware that this does depend on the type of craft you have hired and it is best to check with us before your departure.

How often does the boat need a pump out?

It is anticipated that a pump out may be needed during a weekly hire. This is a chargeable item.

Can I pay by cheque?

We accept cheque as a payment method providing it is made payable to Barnes Brinkcraft. Alternatively we do accept all major cards excluding American Express. 


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us direct on 01603 782625 or email: bookings@barnesbrinkcraft.co.uk



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