Day Boat Terms and Conditions

Day Hire Terms & Conditions

Self-drive day/picnic launches and canoes are offered by Barnes Marine Units Ltd (Trading as Barnes Brinkcraft) who’s registered office is Riverside Road, Hoveton, NR12 8UD

All boats offered for hire by The Company are licensed by the Broads Authority and operated in accordance with the said authorities Code of Practice for Day Boat Hire Procedures 2005.

Boats are only hired to members of the public over 18 years old. Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to drive self-drive motor boats. Groups of children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by at least two adults.

Boats are hired to members of the public (The Hirer) which expression includes all members of the part hiring the boat in question and The Company reserves the right not to hire a boat to any person whom it considers is unsuitable to operate the type of boat in question, upon the following terms:-

(a) No liability to The Hirer is accepted by The Company for loss or damage to The Hirers belongings.

(b) No liability to The Hirer is accepted by The Company for injury or death of The Hirer during the course of the hire or during embarkation or disembarkation and hirers use pontoons, quays and other landings on the river entirely at their own risk.

The Company will: –

(1) Instruct the Hirer how to operate the safety and other equipment on board the boat and instruct The Hirer how to operate the motor but The Hirer uses the same at their own risk.

(2) Ensure that the boat and its equipment are in a functional state during the hire and that there is sufficient fuel for the hire but to a maximum of one day only.

(3) Make available life jackets or buoyancy aids for all members of the party but shall not be held liable to a Hirer who does not wear the same.

(4) Take advanced bookings only on the conditions that no refunds will be made unless the contract is cancelled by The Company in the event of high winds, bad river conditions or if the boat is unavailable due to breakdown. Rain alone is an insufficient reason for The Company to make a refund.

(5) Barnes Brinkcraft reserve the right to charge a security deposit of up to £500 in addition to the hire charge for certain parties.    These groups can include

Parties carrying excessive quantities of alcohol
Parties hiring more than one boat
Groups of young people
Singe Sex groups

When you pick up the boat for hire a security deposit of up to £500 will be taken (per boat). The money can be paid in cash or card

We will return your full security deposit when you return to the yard providing
The boat is returned on time and in a tidy condition
The boat has not been damaged
We haven’t received reports of anti-social or unsafe behaviour

It is very rare for us to retain a security deposit (We had 2 incidences in 2019)

The Hirer will: –

(1) Use the boat in the manner which is consistent with the rules of navigation and shall at all times take into consideration other users of the river whether in boats or not.

(2) Ensure that buoyancy aids will be worn by every member of the party, have been show how to fit them correctly and advised how to use them. Aware that we will be charged for any life jackets that are lost, damaged or inflated. We undertake to report any life jackets that have been inflated as failure to do so may endanger somebody’s life.

(3) Not use the boat after dusk (No hire boats are licensed or insured for use after dusk).

(4) Be responsible for extra hire fees if the boat is late in being vacated  for any reason except if such lateness is caused by failure of the motor or of equipment in the boat in which case The Hirer shall be entitled to a full refund of their hire fees in the proportion affected by such failure but no further compensation unless The Company has failed to take reasonable care.

(5) Take care to ensure that all members of the party conduct themselves in a manner which is consistent with the rules of navigation, safety on board the vessel, and all matters which are reasonable to expect from The Hirer of a private self drive boat, and not permit persons under the age of 18 to be in control of the motor boat.

(6) Be liable to The Company for all damage to the boat, its contents and equipment caused by The Hirer’s unreasonable behaviour, or misuse of the vessel.

(7) Return the boat after hire in the same state and condition as it was when it was hired and if The Company is obliged to clean or tidy the boat as a result of failure of The Hirer to comply with the Terms and Conditions the Hirer shall pay the Company a reasonable fee for such extra work.

Party Members with limited mobility.

If you have any members of your party with limited mobility, you must enquire as to the suitability of the boat at the time of booking. Whilst no guarantee can be given, Barnes Brinkcraft will help and advice so far as is practical.

Extra Persons

The number of persons indicated for each boat must not be exceeded.

Modifications and Descriptions

Every effort has been made to ensure that individual boat descriptions presented online are correct. However, the right is reserved to make modifications to boat specifications that are considered necessary in the light of operating requirements.


Barnes Brinkcraft are not responsible for the loss or damage of any of your personnel effects or your vehicle whilst it is parked on our site. It is recommended that you have adequate personal insurance.


You are responsible for the boat’s safe navigation and must take all reasonable care. No minor may control the boat without the direct supervision of an adult. In the event of damage to the boat rendering it inoperable, however caused, no responsibility can be accepted by Barnes Brinkcraft for loss of time or cost of alternative boat. In the case of any accident or damage to the boat or any other craft or to waterway property or any third parties property you must, for insurance reasons: (a) record the name of any other boat involved with names, addresses and phone numbers of its owner and / or hirer (where applicable); and (b) immediately report these facts to the boatyard with full details and extent of the damage; and (c) report the full details in writing to Barnes Brinkcraft on return from your hire. No repairs may be put in hand without Barnes Brinkcraft’s consent. On returning the boat at the end of your hire you must inform Barnes Brinkcraft of any damage or items broken, lost or stolen.

Cancellations: –

All bookings made for day boats and canoes are non-refundable and no monies will be refunded if cancelled. If you wish to cancel your booking you must notify Barnes Brinkcraft immediately by telephone, email or by post.

No compensation will be paid by Barnes Brinkcraft where cancellation or material change arises from:

  • Unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond Barnes Brinkcraft’s control such as war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions including strong winds or flooding of waterways.

Barnes Brinkcraft may cancel your hire at its absolute discretion and Barnes Brinkcraft will inform you as soon as reasonably possible and you will be offered either;

(1) A full refund of any monies you have paid

(2) A transfer to another date during that period

Complaints: –

On arrival you (the Lead Hirer) will be required to complete and sign a Boat Acceptance Certificate, by signing this document, you are agreeing to accept the boat in its existing condition. If for any reason you are unhappy with your boat on arrival you should notify Barnes Brinkcraft immediately so that remedial action, if appropriate, can be taken. You should not sign the boat handover certificate until you are satisfied that the problem has been rectified.

If a breakdown, malfunction or problem of any kind occurs you must report it to Barnes Brinkcraft immediately so that repairs can be made to enable you to resume your cruise. You must not wait to report it until you return at the end of your day. If Barnes Brinkcraft is informed, they will take steps to rectify the problem as quickly as is practical in the circumstances.

Apart from these obligations, Barnes Brinkcraft shall not be liable in any respect for any indirect or consequential loss or damage, whether financial or otherwise, suffered as a result of such a problem. No compensation will be paid for loss of time as a result of a breakdown, malfunction or problem of any kind.

If you remain dissatisfied, any complaint must be made in writing to us giving full details within 30 days of the day you hired.

Hirers are instructed that boating can be dangerous and that while The Company has taken all reasonable care in the preparation of the vessel and in the provision of safety equipment The Hirer is responsible for both their own safety, the safety of third parties around them and of the safe return of the vessel. Hirers will be liable to pay The Company for any loss or damage however caused. Our privacy policy can be found here

This was last updated Thurs 14th Jan 2021

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