Secret to a happy boating holiday

11 December 2012

White-hulled boats majestically puttering along the rivers in summer is the classic sight that tempts holidaymakers to return every year.  But where do they all go in winter?

Well, you will find many of them in boat sheds or tied up in their home yards, and that’s when the unsung heroes who are the boat builders and engineers come into their own. Here at Wroxham our whole fleet has a complete review, with interiors updated and refurbished and engines and given a complete overhaul.  Just before Easter, our cleaning staff spring into action to make sure each and every boat is in tip-top condition for our customers arrival.  On top of all that in 2012 (when this was written), we are building two new 4 to 6 berth holiday boats (Brinks Quartets) which will be ready to join the fleet in the Spring.  It can be cold, hard work out on the river stripping down an engines and doing hull repairs with the snow falling outside.

So, while you are gazing at our website and choosing the right boat for your next summer holiday, we’re not just drinking tea (honest!!), we’re all still hard at it making sure that our fleet remains the best on the Broads.

Our engineers, boat builders, and cleaning staff are our secret to your fantastic holiday on the Broads.

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