Paddleboard Hire on the Norfolk Broads

29 January 2024

Paddleboard Hire on the Norfolk Broads

Paddleboarding and enjoying the big skys as the sun goes down We’ve seen loads more people hop on a paddleboard for a bit of fun and exercise recently. Paddleboard hire on the Norfolk Broads has taken off, It’s great fun, although it takes a little practice to glide as effortlessly as some of those Instagrammers!

A quick poll showed us that quite a few of our customers were interested in hiring one, so here are some recommendations  from local companies;

Go Paddle  – Horning

Water Sports Centre  – Oulton Broad

Hippersons   – Beccles


Please do remember that companies that hire paddle boards are now required to ensure you have suitable experience or provide you with on-the-water training before they let you out on your own

Paddleboarding - or mucking about on the Norfolk Broads

Bring your own

Just remember to bring a strap to attach it to the boat and your usual swimming kit (we would not recommend towing it).    And remember to purchase a licence if you haven’t already got one



Paddleboarding lying downBefore you step on board, it’s worth thinking about the following

  • How will you get back on dry land / your boat?
    • Lots of boats and quay headings are too high to climb back onto from the water  – so plan your exit route before you start
    • Salhouse Broad is an excellent place to practice because it has a shelving beach  – making it easy to walk out of the water
  • What way is the wind blowing  – and is it blowing strongly?
    • If the wind’s up it may blow you across the water  – making it difficult for you to get to where you want to get to
    • If you get caught out try lying flat on the board and use your hands and feet to paddle back to where you need to get to
  • Tidal rivers
    • The strength of the tide varies across the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads and if you are going to hire a paddleboard we would recommend you keep to the Northern Rivers before you get to Acle
    • You can tell which way the tide is going, just drop a leaf in the river and watch which way it floats (we would suggest a breadcrumb… but they would be eaten by the ducks!)
  • Other Boats
    • We’d recommend finding the quieter spots to paddleboard for the obvious reasons

Instruction Video

This video really takes you through the basics, but we would recommend wearing a buoyancy aid in UK waters …they are a little colder!

Top places to Paddleboard on the Norfolk Broads

Salhouse Broad is our favourite because it has an excellent “beach” making it a really easy place to get in and out of the water. It’s also pretty sheltered, but watch out for boats coming into moor up

Coltishall is also a pretty excellent choice, it’s a quiet stretch of the river because lots of motor boats can’t get under the bridge at Wroxham and the wildlife is exceptional.  If you’d like to see a kingfisher it’s most likely to happen here

You could carry your paddleboard across the road at the weir and paddle the river bure between Coltishall to Buxton.  Friends could walk on the footpath by the side of the river to accompany you

For those of you who are more confident getting on and off boards and back onto boats  – Hickling Broad and Barton Broad make excellent paddling points.

Brinks Serenade on the River AntBook a boating holiday with Barnes Brinkcraft 

          • 2 Berth to 12 Berth boats
          • Full onboard facilities
          • Comprehensive instructions provided

Barnes Brinkcraft Holiday Homes - Norfolk BroadsBook a holiday home on the river with Barnes Brinkcraft

          • Fish from your holiday home
          • Day boat provided (outside school holidays)
          • Upside down layout for excellent views over the water

Fancy trying Paddleboarding, but you’d rather have lessons  – we can highly recommend Go Paddle

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