Wildlife from the water

09 April 2021

Well known for its pleasure boat waterways, the Broads offers the opportunity to take in the biodiversity of the reedbeds, the tiny, rare plants of the fens and the wide, flat expanses of the grazing marshes from the gentle tranquility of the river.

The bittern (or butterbump as it’s known in Norfolk) has a booming mating call that can be heard two kilometres away. It’s one of the rarest breeding birds in the UK.

Get a different view of the coast from the sea. Throughout the year, there are boat trips to beaches popular with seals and it’s the best way to see rare porpoise.

For those who enjoy a faster pace, there’s the chance to take to the water on a  sailboard or a kayak. Look up and you might admire the grand wingspan of a crane or a heron overhead, or listen out for the rustle of an otter close to the shore.

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