Day Boat FAQs

31 March 2020

Here are answers to the most common questions we get asked about our Norfolk Broads day boats. These can be hired by the hour, half day or full day, depending on the boat chosen.

  • How do I find you?

  • Do I need to bring life jackets?

    • No  – we’ll provide them for you
    • We have life jackets suitable for babies, children and adults
    • A few dog life jackets are also available
  • Can I bring my dog?

    • Yes, you can bring a max of 2 dogs with you
    • It’s worth remembering some dogs love being on a boat, but not all.  We recommend bringing a dog bed with you
    • We would recommend the Brinklets for dogs as these are the easiest for them to get on and off
  • Do you provide a map?

    • Yes we do via the Broadcaster magazine, although it’s pretty difficult to get lost on a river
  • Where can I go?

  • What speed will the boat travel at?

    • There is a speed limit of between 3 and 5 mph in this part of the Broads National Park
    • This is designed to protect the wildlife on the banks from wash caused by boats
  • How easy is it to get on board?

    • Our boats are easy to walk onto from the rear of the boat  – see picture here
  • Where can I park?

    • We have parking for circa 20 cars.  There is also plenty of FREE car parking behind the railway station, a 5 min walk away
  • What should I bring with me?

    • Please come prepared for the weather.   sun hats, sunscreen and bottled water on hot days, and a flask and an extra coat on chiller days
    • Don’t forget your camera
    • Flat shoes with good grip such as trainers are ideal
    • You might want to pack a picnic
  • What happens if I break down?

    • This happens very rarely, and we have our engineers on hand to help out once you let us know you need help
    • Ring the yard on 01603 782625 and select engineers
    • Tell them where you are
    • They will get to you by car if you are accessible, if not they will travel by boat
    • Please be patient, it can take a while for the engineer to get to you
    • Even if you drift into the bank, you are very very unlikely to come to harm on the boat
  • Will I receive instruction?

    • Ian and his team are on hand to run you through the basics of how to use a boat
    • It is pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it
  • What is our security deposit policy?

    • We only collect deposits from a very few clients click here for details
  • Can I fish from the boat?

    • Yes you can
    • You will need a licence, which can be purchased here
    • Please note we don’t supply mud weights with the boats

If you have any further questions please contact sara@barnesbrinkcraft.com 


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