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28 January 2013

During the winter months we have been busy working on a short film about the Norfolk Broads.  Some of our customers helped in the recording of this, Chris West and his family, Sean Chapman, Louise Morton & Damien Roberts and Mike Griffiths and his friends, if we have missed anyone out, we do apologise but we would like to say a big THANK YOU to you all.  Finally, last week we put it onto YouTube for everyone to see.
The Norfolk Broads as seen by Barnes Brinkcraft – turn up your volume.

From our Facebook page I asked you to send me a short piece about your favourite Norfolk Broads holiday experiences, and yet again our Customers have been fantastic !!  Here are just a few, (more to come).  Please keep sending them in, along with any photographs to kerry@barnesbrinkcraft.com    Thanks  🙂

A perfect holiday !!   By Claire Wood


Is there such a thing ??  I say yes.

My family and I have been holidaying on the Norfolk Broads for the last 8 years, and I have got to say each one has been amazing. We have had hot sunny ones, cool autumn and a frosty winter break, all magical experiences.  From the wildlife, peaceful rivers to the lovely little villages, it’s all wonderful.


One of our favourite places to visit is Loddon, on the River Chet.  It’s off the main river very tranquil and relaxing. We visited many great places, too many to mention but the Norfolk Broads Museum at Stalham was very interesting, loads to see! Great Yarmouth also had loads to see and do, and only a bus ride away.  Overall these holiday’s get my vote every year.

The thing that amazes me about the broads is that you can drive by road, from Yarmouth down to Lowestoft. Acle. Norwich over to Wroxham, North Walsham, Barton Turf, Stalham, Hickling in a matter of hours and you dont feel like you’v gone all that far. But when you jump into a boat and leave the staithe or mooring etc, you’ve gone away from the roads villages building traffic and your somewhere completely different and you can go for hours and days and experience non of that except the odd bridge or two!

The broads are fantastic everyday of the year …  By Tim Rice

When i was young the broads seemed a massive place! And it was only when i was old enough to drive I realised the area it actually covered. For me that’s what made it magical!

Norfolk Broads – beautiful at any time of the year!

The broads is fantastic everyday of the year, always changing in shape and colour, from long rich sunsets to a total white out with snow and ice.  What I enjoy the most its knowing you can take a boat and poodle off down a river in total isolation, listening to the reeds and the gentle sounds of water vowels bobbing around.  Then, throw a mud weight over and do NOTHING! Just sit back, sip on a good drink, chew some good bread and stare into the sky. At the same time knowing you’re never too far from a pub with a friendly welcome good food and a lovely pint!

Some say avoid the summer and go in the quieter times. With the hassle of fighting for moorings and pubs bursting at the seems this can make sense and the quiet seasons are just as beautiful but you can’t beat the good atmosphere of boats lined up, bbqs on the go and the sound of laughter. It’s great to see so many people enjoying the same pleasure all having had the same great idea!

See you there August 2013!


Boating or Land Based Holidays   By Joanne Pitts

My husband has been visiting the Norfolk broads on boating holidays since he was a small boy in the 1970’s. When we met in the 90’s he tried and tried for 4 years to get me to come on holiday to the Norfolk Broads, but me being a city girl didn’t want to know and no amount of him going on would change my mind.

After 4 years together I eventually gave in and we booked a weeks boating on the Broads, now I’m the first to admit that boats are definitely not my thing, but  I said  I’d give it a go. We arrived on a sunny day and collected our boat, as we chugged down the front at Wroxham and Horning I began to appreciate some of the beautiful riverside properties not to mention the pubs and pretty shops.  After our week I admitted it was beautiful but still was convinced boating was not for me.  Next visit we stayed on a house boat which I really enjoyed,  this convinced me to visit more often and from then on we came to the Norfolk Broads at least once a year on holiday, and any free weekends we got were spent in Norfolk.

We had our two children and we introduced them both to Norfolk as babies, both on boating holidays (still not convinced ) and land-based holidays with Barnes Brinkcraft (def more my style!) which is the best of both worlds as Graham gets a day boat for the week and on some dates it’s even included in the holiday price!! Bargain.

Messing around on the river

It’s now 14 years since my first visit to the broads and guess what? In December 2012 we sold our house in West Yorkshire and moved our little family to our new home in Norfolk. We are so happy and contented with our new life we are in the process of setting up our childminding business again, our children are happy in their new school, and life is looking rosy. so who says you can’t change a city girl into a country bumpkin! Defiantly not me!

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